Pirita Yacht Harbour becomes a part of Tallinn Maritime Days

This year’s Tallinn Maritime Days are introducing many innovations, the biggest of which is undoubtedly the addition of the Pirita Yacht Harbour to the Maritime Days program. Whereas previous programs have been set at the Old City, Sea Plane and Pirita Harbour’s, this year there is a fourth base camp at Tallinn’s favourite place to spend the summer, the Pirita Yacht Harbour.

“Throughout the years, the Tallinn Maritime Days have become the largest sea and family party in Estonia. And for years we’ve thought about extending the area of the Maritime Days even farther along the coastline. Tallinn’s largest yacht harbour is undoubtedly a good, worthy addition to the Tallinn Maritime Days,” said the Head of the Maritime Days Coordination Committee and acting Mayor of Tallinn, Taavi Aas. “Adding Pirita, one of the most popular beaches of Tallinn, as one of our locations brings also people enjoying the beachweather closer to our events. It’s also noteworthy that the three days of our program will reinstate the possibility of accessing the city centre from Pirita by ship. Tallinn is a maritime city and it is important for our citizens and visitors to experience the rich maritime culture that our capital city has to offer,” Aas added.

The last time that Pirita was accessible by water from the city centre was at the end of the 1990s when the Linnahall-Pirita-Aegna ferry was in operation and serviced by the motor ship Koplirand. Nowadays, the same ship is known as the Monika. After that, citizens haven’t had an opportunity to move between these two large harbours by regular sea transport. The annual Tallinn Maritime Days once again make this possible with a sea taxi-taking guests from the Old City Harbour right onto the historic Pirita seaways.

The Pirita Yacht Harbour will also enrich the Tallinn Maritime Days program with an entertaining competition between homemade flying machines called “Karsumm – Sea Edition”. Is anyone capable of building a machine that lasts more than a few seconds in the air before crashing down into the water? You can test your own machine in the competition on Saturday, July 16th. Pre-registration starts June 14th online at www.tallinnamerepaevad.ee.

Guests can take part in a special concert experience on Friday at 22:30 with the stage for the performers located right on a ship and a beautiful fireworks show will round out the night.

The Pirita Yacht Harbour is also home to the Muhu Strait Regatta this year as well as the location of the large opening sea parade of the Tallinn Maritime Days on Friday.

The Tallinn Maritime Days will take place on July 15-17 at the Old City, Sea Plane, Noblessner and Pirita Yacht Harbour’s. The general program of the Maritime Days will be made public on June 14.