A Quick Preview to 2013 Program:

Friday, 12.07:

Krusenstern arrives at the Seaplane Harbor

Shtandardt arrives at the Passenger Port

Vello Vaher’s Circus School at the Seaplane Harbor

Opening concert of the Maritime Days, by Siiri Sisask and the Estonian Youth Symphony Orchestra

GRAND Sea Battle in TallinnBay, with five historic ships

Late-night concerts at three harbors, by Raul Vaigla and Marie Vaigla; Justament


Saturday, 13.07:

Cartoon music concert for children and the child-minded at the Passenger Port, by Uku Suviste

Fish-gutting and soup-making competition at the Seaplane Harbor

Heino Seljamaa’s Suitcase Theatre at the Seaplane Harbor

Bagjump and Old Car Exhibition at the NoblessnerHarbor

Liis Lemsalu’s concert at the Seaplane Harbor

Late-night concerts at the Passenger Port and the Noblessner Port, by Liisi Koikson; Tenfold Rabbit

Night cinema at the Noblessner Harbor


Sunday, 14.07:

Tugboat Dance Show and Flyboard presentation at the Passenger Port

Tallinn Race finals in Tallinn Bay and the regatta’s end ceremony at the Seaplane Harbor

Bunny-Rabbit "Jänku Juss" teaches sea safety to children at the NoblessnerPort

No Big Silence and Kosmikud; Erkki Otsmann - concerts at the Passenger Port

Musamari children’s ensemble and Suisapäisa choir at the Seaplane Harbor

Marvi Vallaste and Laur Joamets at the Noblessner Harbor

GRAND Final Concert of the Maritime Days: “Tallinn, a Seaside City” at the PassengerPort, by Lenna Kuurmaa, Mihkel Raud and band


On all three days:

Continuous ship trips between the Passenger Port and the Seaplane Harbor

Tallinn Race regatta in Tallinn Bay

Discount entry to the Seaplane Harbor’s historical hangars

Shopping street at the Passenger Port and Fish Zone at the Seaplane Harbor

Cozy children play areas at the Passenger Port and the Noblessner Harbor

Sailing School’s recreational trips at the Noblessner Harbor


NB! The schedule will be updated, stay tuned!