Tallinn’s Maritime Days set to continue opening the city up to the sea

Between 16 and 18 July, Tallinn’s Maritime Days – the biggest free family event in Tallinn this summer – will be bringing a sailing regatta, a swimming competition and an amazing boat dance show with a police and Border Guard flying squad to Tallinn Bay.
This year’s festival will be bigger and offer more seaside entertainment than ever before. On Saturday 17 July attendees on the waterfront promenade will be able to cheer on the competitors in a major swimming competition, while on that Saturday as well as Sunday 18 July bystanders will enjoy a regatta of Olympic 49ers. In addition to working with the Estonian Swimming Federation and the Estonian Yachting Union, the 2010 festival will also involve three harbours: events will not only take place at Lennusadam and Reisisadam, but also at Peetri harbour. Here in the Noblessner foundry building the Nargen festival will be holding a summer symphony concert on the evening of Friday 16 July.

There is also a place in the programme for the jazz area, which proved to be a huge success in 2009. This year it will be by the Admiraliteedi inlet, where two floating docks for around 60 small vessels will be opened on 21 May. “One of our greatest innovations this year is the fact that small boats will be able to come to Maritime Days as well, at the Admiraliteedi inlet, at Lennusadam and at Peetri harbour,” explained the festival’s project manager, Eva Saar. “It’s one of the ways in which we’re pursuing the Capital of Culture idea of opening the city up to the sea.”

Tallinn Maritime Days 2010 are a joint undertaking of the City of Tallinn, the Port of Tallinn, the Estonian Maritime Museum, the Estonian Historic Ship Society and the Tallinn 2011 Foundation and are being led by the Tallinn 2011 Foundation. The major sponsor of the event is Viking Line Eesti OÜ and its partners are the Estonian Maritime Administration, the Estonian Yachting Union, Jazzkaar, the Energy Discovery Centre, the police and Border Guard flying squad, the Estonian Swimming Federation, the Estonian Maritime Academy, the sailing ship Admiral and City Bike.
Around 50,000 people attended Maritime Days in 2009. See you at Tallinn Maritime Days 2010! Ahoy!