Tallinn Maritime Days are held for the sixth time on July 12-14 this year in three harbors in the city of Tallinn that by now have become traditional venues for the event - the Passenger Port, the Seaplane Harbor and Peetri Harbor.

Maritime Days that over the years have emerged as Tallinn’s largest sea and family related event, once again provide visitors with an exciting opportunity to learn about the sea and seafaring in a multitude of ways. Tallinn Seaplane Harbor, one of the most modern and fascinating exhibition complexes in Northern Europe, boasts an outstanding overview of Estonia’s versatile maritime history. The Passenger Port hosts the main stage as well as the jazz area of Maritime Days; Peetri Harbor attracts spectators with events of a more intimate nature. Peetri Harbor as well as the Passenger Port welcome visitors who wish to sail in on their own sailboats, yachts or launches.

One of the most stellar attractions of Maritime Days this year will be the opportunity to visit the world-famous sailing vessel Krusenstern. Krusenstern’s last visit to Tallinn dates back two years when this stately aged queen of the seas attracted awe-inspiring crowds. This year’s program will most certainly include the traditional boat rides between the Passenger Port and the Seaplane Harbor, a series of versatile cultural events and many fun activities for the youngest members of the family.

Maritime Days’ program as well as current news are also available on our Facebook site.

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