A First for Tallinn Maritime Days: International Beach Volleyball Tournament Škoda Masters

Just one month from now, the Tallinn Maritime Days 2015 program will include the international beach volleyball tournament Škoda Masters, bringing local and foreign volleyball stars to Estonia.

According to the tournament main organizer Rivo Vesik, one of the special tings about the tournament is its exclusivity. “Only invited athletes can participate in the tournament, which means the level of the tournament will be higher than at regular tournaments. Most Estonian tournaments see athletes from Latvia but we hope to see Russian and Finnish players at the Škoda Masters tournament as well,” Vesik said.

Why do we need a new beach volleyball tournament? Vesik says that Estonia lacks this kind of exclusive tournament that is invitation-only and where high ranking beach volleyball pairs who otherwise wouldn’t make it to Estonia come to showcase their skills. “Sporting events around the world aim to popularize their sport with high level competitions and that’s what we want to do also. Meaning that we want beach volleyball to gain more and more popularity in Estonia since Estonia is a coastal country and beach volleyball belongs on the coast,” Vesik explained, confirming that the beach volleyball tournament will become an annual part of the Tallinn Maritime Days in the future.

Like the main organizer of the tournament, the organizers of the Tallinn Maritime Days are also excited about this new event and hope to see a lot of sports fans visiting the Maritime Days.

The Škoda Masters Tournament will take place at the Old City Harbour on Friday, July 17 with an opening game between the U16 class boys and girls teams. That same evening at 18:00, the court will be overrun by a gripping show involving volleyball players, journalists, other athletes and teams of the beautiful and famous. Who will win? The pro games will start on Saturday, July 18 and teams will play for medals on Sunday, July 19th. DJ Tom Lilienthal will play tunes throughout the entire event.

As of today, Estonia’s own Rivo Vesik and Kristo Kollo have confirmed their participation with top pairs from around the world set to take them on. The final list of participating teams will be announced at the beginning of July.

The Škoda Masters Tournament takes place during the family friendly Tallinn Maritime Days 2015 from July 17-19. The beach volleyball courts are located in the Old City Harbour.

Photo: Rivo Vesik and Kristo Kollo, who will be competing in the tournament.