Sea of Thousand Looks

The Tallinn Maritime Days 2015 edition will take place July 17-19 and treat visitors to lots of exciting sea-themed activities and attractions. But what is the best way to describe the sea? No doubt, the sea is unpredictable, the sea is powerful and the sea is somehow tied to everyone’s life.

We know that cities were historically built by the sea and medieval Tallinn was known above all as a maritime and Hanseatic city. We have an illustrious history and the sea has had a big and influential role to play in it.

And thus, it seems fitting to say that the sea has a thousand looks and is undeniably our thousand-faced friend! The theme of The Thousand Looks originates from Estonian poem that describes the sea as both – friend and foe and thus has thousand different faces.

Meri, mu tuhandenäoline sõber
Meri, mu vaenlane karm
Meri, mu tuhandenäoline meri
Sa oled mu arm

Juhan Saar

Oh sea, my thousand-faced friend
Oh sea, my enemy severe
Oh sea, my thousand-faced sea
To me you are so dear

Juhan Saar

Estonian’s biggest sea-themed family event, Tallinn Maritime Days, has been taking place in its current format since 2008, the year that first brought together the City of Tallinn, Tallinn Harbor, the Estonian Maritime Museum, and the Estonian Historic Ship Society to once again open up the sea to the citizens of Tallinn.

You are very welcome to visit the Tallinn Maritime Days 2015, carried by the slogan “Sea of thousand looks”.