Historic naval battle to be held in the Gulf of Tallinn during Maritime Days

During this year’s Maritime Days, a genuine naval battle embracing five historic vessels will be fought in the middle of the Gulf of Tallinn in the evening of July 12. “Genuine antique ships will take part in the battle, carrying genuine cannons and real gun powder. Naturally, cannonballs will not be employed in the battle. A princess will be involved in the whole activity that, alas, is not real either. But what kind of a naval battle would it be without a princess!” explained the captain of Schooner Kajsamoor and a member of the board of the Estonian Historic Ships Union Herkki Haldre.

The battle will feature the vessel Štandart, built approximately ten years ago, that, according to Haldre, is as an exceptionally beautiful and authentic replica of a battleship from the era of Peter the Great. The sailing ship Libava, a replica of a battleship owned by the infamous Duke Jakob of Kurzeme, will sale to the venue from Latvia. In addition to the replica vessels mentioned, participants in the battle will include genuine old sailing ships Kajsamoor, Blue Sirius and Hoppet.

Haldre notes that the naval battle is not a mere spectacle to be viewed from the shore but rather a participation theater that the audience can buy tickets to and partake in the battle from aboard a ship. Similar battles have been held elsewhere before. Haldre himself has attended a few such battles on-board Kajsamoor; yet, this is the first time a historic naval battle will be staged in Estonia.

Ticket holding passengers are not required to have undergone military training and everything will be explained on site. “There will be instructors on board who will guide the participants as to how to carry themselves during the battle and how to make use of sword and musket like items. In any case, it would be most welcome if passengers would wear appropriate costumes to make the event even more fun,” said the captain of Kajsamoor.

See also: www.kajsamoor.eu/events/sea-battle/?lang=et

(Abstracted from news at www.postimees.ee)