This summer, for the first time in the history, innovation area is presented at Tallinn Maritime Days, where Mektory of Tallinn University of Technology, Centre for Biorobotics and Estonian Maritime Academy show exciting inventions, simulators and robots.

Both kids and adults, who are attracted by innovative thinking, are welcome to the innovation area. "Here we want to show how navigation has changed over time and how such fast development of technology influences and helps seafarers daily," says Tõnno Piigli, the project manager of Tallinn Maritime Days 2017. For example, in Old City Marina you can find out about U-CAT submarine robot activities. Submarine robot is placed in the Admiralty basin and explores the underwater part of the sailing boats. This process will be a live transmission on the big screen for anyone interested in it.

"Innovation area has three important elements this year – water, earth and air," says Piigli. For example, you can get to know more about a satellite maquette and a students’ formula-1 in Old City Marina, and you will get a chance to try virtual reality and participate in workshops on robotics. For example, you can explore different parts of the Lego Mindstorms EV3 workstations, build your robot and program it to solve various tasks. "In the innovation area, you can see and test inventions that cannot be accessed on a daily basis, so all gearheads should use the opportunity to visit," Piigli invites everyone to the innovation area.

In addition, innovation is going to play a role in a musical part of the programme. This year, musicians will be able to try a smart guitar block, a so-called Fusion Pedal, an invention which makes their life on the stage much easier. By the way, this project was also in a season of “Ajujaht” (engl. “Brainhunt”). It is a guitar system that lets guitarists focus on the music. "Electric guitarists change the sound of the electric guitar pretty often, which is why they need to use the power pedal and constantly turn various buttons," explains Jüri Bogatkin, founder of Fusion Pedal. "Our goal is to disburden musicians from extra work on stage by using our smart guitar block and allow them to change the sound of the electric sound by simply pressing one button," Bogatkin explains the fascination of the invention. All music enthusiasts will have an opportunity to see the device in practice during the concert of the band Trio Comodo who are going to use FusionPedal on stage.

Tallinn Maritime Days are held from July 15-18, 2017. This year the festival celebrations will last for four days as the world’s biggest sail training regatta is going to visit Tallinn. All and all, Tallinn Maritime Days are held during four days in five different harbours: Old City marina, Seaplane harbour, and in partner harbours - Haven Kakumäe, Port of Noblessner and Pirita marina. Fish harbour (Kalasadam) is also worth visiting.

Tallinn Maritime Days 2017 are organized by the City of Tallinn, Tallinn Culture Department, Port of Tallinn and Seaplane Harbour. Co-organizers are STA Estonia, Haven Kakumäe harbour, Port Noblessner marina, Pirita Municipality, Pirita Harbour marina. The festival is supported by Port of Tallinn, Alfons Hakans, Balbiino, ABC Motors.


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