This year, for the first time in the history of the capital city, Tallinn Maritime Days will bring the magnificent Tall Ships Race fleet consisting of more than 50 sailing ships to Tallinn Bay. The last time a similar image was seen here was in 1992, when the Cutty Sark Regatta visited Tallinn. Sailing ships of the academic regatta of 2017 are going to visit different ports of Tallinn from the 17th to 18th July.


According to the Head of the Tallinn Culture Department, Aini Härm, The Tall Ships Races will create a lot of excitement in the capital city this year. “It was 25 years ago when so many sailing ships visited Tallinn,” she says. “Even though we are a small city, we have a rich history and have the status of port city. Thanks to The Tall Ships Races sailing fleet, it will be possible to experience a similar atmosphere during the Tallinn Maritime Days as one does every day in Amsterdam or in Kiel, where all ports are full of beautiful sailing ships. The grandiose spectacle will definitely take place when Sea Fleet leaves on 18th July,” added Härm.


Madis Rallman, who is a member of the board of Sail Training Association Estonia, said that the regatta’s visit to Tallinn is a significant event. The “Visit of the regatta sailing fleet to Tallinn Maritime Days is an unprecedented event in its history. These sailing ships are going to be the largest competing sailing ships in European waters and, most probably, in the world open sea regattas says Rallmann. Furthermore, Rallman adds that Tallinn will have the honour to host at least 50 sailing ships and sailboats. “We are going to see sailing ships from many different countries, the size of the vessels which range from from 12 meters to 117 meters.”


Rallmann is confident that every visitor of Tallinn Maritime Days will find something to their interest during the event: “There is always some action on a sailing ship, so every bystander at the pier can observe the sailors’ activities and enjoy the atmosphere of old and new sailing ships”. “Some of the larger ships have confirmed their accessibility in having an open deck for all those who are interested,” says Rallmann. The Tall Ships Races of 2017 is an academic regatta where half of the crew of the sailing ships are from 15 to 25 years old marine friends, who do not need to have previous experience in navigation. Professional sailors in the fleet are also teachers. The Tall Ships Races 2017 regatta begins in Halmstad and ends in Szczecin. The Regatta fleet will visit Tallinn as a Cruise in Company, which means that the fleet is not participating for victory, Tallinn is a stopover before the race in Klaipeda.


Because of the Tall Ship Races in 2017, the Tallinn Maritime Days will be held during four days for the first time, from the 15th to 18th July, this year. The festival will be held in the Old City Harbour, Seaplane Harbour, Port of Noblessner, Pirita Harbour and Kakumäe Harbour.


Tallinn Maritime Days 2017 is organized by the City of Tallinn, Tallinn Culture Department, Port of Tallinn and Seaplane Harbour. Co-organizers are Sail Training Association Estonia, Kakumäe Harbour, Port of Noblessner, Pirita Municipality, Pirita Harbour. The festival is sponsored by Balbiino and Alfons Hakans.



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