This year's Tallinn maritime days bring exciting entertainment on land as well as on the sea. The entertainment program brings visitors the opening concert on the sea, a concert that travels around the world and "Estonia's Pop Idol" finalists and many more. Visitors can enjoy searides, try standup paddleboarding and participate in many sea workshops. The children can have fun with this year's special guest Lotte and her friends. 

Rides on the bay and sea activities

The most popular attraction, the sea taxi between the four harbours, will bring visitors from harbour to harbour with ease. Small and big ships, as well as proud yachts, will take the guests for rides on the bay, making it possible to sail the Finnish beauties Svanhild and Alexandra, as well as Estonia's own sailing ships Hoppet, Jenny Kruse, Moonland and Hiiuingel. 

In the Old City Harbour, you can find information about sea safety and can participate in boating knot workshops. In the Seaplane Harbour, a fish market is open for visitors and you can find general information about fishing. The Haven Kakumäe harbour will surprise guests with search and rescue exercises, as well as air-sea rescue exercises, which are led by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board and the Estonian Rescue Board. 

Standup paddleboarding, which is becoming very popular, will be available at the Tallinn maritime days as well. You can participate in paddleboard yoga, a sunset trip on the paddleboard and bring your pet to the event, so you can enjoy paddleboarding with your dog.

Visitors who are interested, can also try their hand at sailing at the Noblessner harbour and Haven Kakumäe harbour and watch the Estonian Sailing Championships in the Seaplane harbour. 
Rich entertainment program

On friday, the 13th of July, the Tallinn maritime days will be opened with two concerts. The first concert will take the band Svjata Vatra to the sea on board of the icebreaker Tarmo. It is an exclusive concert, which can only be taken part of either on a personal vessel or buying a ticket to one of the vessels partaking in the sea parade. 

The saturday night concert in the Seaplane Harbour will take the crowd along with the legendary Johansons, Anna-Liisa Supp and others to a circumnavigation. The concert "Trip around the world" is a musical trip that passes through all of the continents – the biggest attention being on the continents that are important to Estonia in one way or another.

The stage of the harbour of Noblessner, will become a worthy stop for true music fans on the 14th of July. From the artists list you can find Meisterjaan, ansamble InBoiler, Mick Pedaja, ansamble HU? and Kadri Voorand Duo. 

The stage of the Noblessner Harbour, will become a worthy stop for true music fans on the 14th of July. From the artists list you can find Meisterjaan, InBoiler, Mick Pedaja, HU? and Kadri Voorand Duo. 

The artists Justament, Kukerpillid, Dagö and Ivo Linna, will indubitably bring nostalgia to the maritime days, while the admirers of pop music can enjoy the performance of Liis Lemsalu. The ansamble Kompass and group Äge Brass, which will fill the air with sea themed songs.

For the tiniest members of the family, there is the Lotte children’s area in the Seaplane Harbour, the big Lotte concert in the Old City Harbour, an adventurous children’s area in the Noblessner Harbour, Hanna-Liina Võsa Musical School’s children’s performances and different workshops in the harbours.

This year’s maritime days take place on the 13th–15thof July in four harbours: the Old City Harbour, the Seaplane Harbour, the Noblessner Harbour and Haven Kakumäe harbour.

The programme can be found here


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