The Tallinn maritimes days festival, which takes place on the 13th-15thof June in the Old City harbor, Seaplane harbor, Port Noblessner and Haven Kakumäe port, offers the chance to see historical Estonian wooden sailing ships and grand ships from neighboring countries.

The chairwoman of Tallinn’s department of Culture Aini Härm says that the Tallinn maritime days will bring together domestic and foreign vessels, which prove once more, that Estonia is a sea country and Tallinn a sea city. “I am very excited that the Tallinn maritime days can offer many sailing ships each year and bring people closer to the sea and its events. I would certainly like to bring attention to the visiting historical Estonian ships, as well as the known international vessels.” Härm is sure that every sea friend has something to discover. “It’s a joy, that in Estonia’s centenary celebrations, we can offer such a large showcase of Estonian ships,” added Härm.

This year's Tallinn maritime days offer guests the opportunity to visit ships that allow them to see a glimpse into the past of maritime. For example, the maritime days fleet includes Hoppet, the only extant sailing ship that was built in the first Estonian Republic and is still seaworthy. Hoppet celebrates its 92. birthday this year and even though it was built in Estonia, after its long international career the ship sailed back to Estonian waters in 2011. “This is the only sailing ship built by Estonian wooden ship craftsmen that is still sailing to this day. It is wonderful that the ship is now back at home and will take visitors for rides on the sea,” said Härm.

The ship Moonland, which is a replica of the Historical Väinamere uisk, will also be visiting the Tallinn maritime days. The vessel ‘uisk’ is the oldest sailing ship type in Estonia and it has been used throughout history for its fast maneuvering abilities. The uisk has been a symbol for Muhumaa on the Väinameri sea for almost 1000 years. This spring Moonland got a new sail and mast, making it even more special and beautiful.

At the Tallinn maritime days there is also a chance to see the historic ship Hiiuingel, which is one of Estonia’s biggest replica ships. In 2017, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia awarded the ship with the title Kultuuripärl (cultural pearl). What makes Hiiuingel so special, is that the ship was built due to citizen initiatives and during the building of the ship they offered workshops dedicated to old building traditions.

Besides Estonian ships, the splendid ships of neighboring countries will also be visiting the Tallinn maritime days. A previously known guest is the 45 meters long Tre Kronor from Sweden. Accompanying the Swedish fleets are Finnish ships Svanhild, Astrid and Alexandra. From our close neighbors, the ship Lietuva will be visiting, which is celebrating Lithuania’s centerary and is dressed accordingly.

All of the named ships and many more that arrive to the maritime days can be visited.

The Tallinn maritime days program will be announced on the 15thof June on the website


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